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Develop an effective publicity strategy

Develop and implement an effective publicity strategy

Many people have asked me whether I should focus on online or offline publicity now.

I replied: "Why not both?"

In fact, both are very important. With the prevalence of the Internet era, companies not only need to enhance their competitiveness, but also improve online publicity. There is actually a lot of work to be done offline.

social media promotion

Many companies choose to use FB or/and IG for online promotion.

Do you know which tool is suitable for the product/service you sell? Or both?



Mass Email

Emails are always read.

It is also an effective method to continuously send information to the eyes of potential customers.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be getting all kinds of emails every day, and companies that regularly send emails are usually quite large. (it might look small, but that's enough. This is what Marketing wants to achieve)



Creator-EX Consultant Solution

In addition to online promotion, offline promotion is also an important part

Persevere and wait for the opportunity

100 promotional activities, 1 is out, then it's enough.

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